Essential Sunglasses – Beyond the Cool Factor

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Why do we wear sunglasses? According to a 2012 survey, nearly 90% of people believe that protecting their eyes is key to overall health. But most people who choose to wear sunglasses do so only to cut down on the sun???s glare.

There are many reasons for wearing sunglasses more often, especially when you???re enjoying the outdoors during the summer. Keep reading and we’ll breakdown why you should remember those shades.

Start at a Young Age

“Sunglasses are especially important for children,” says Dr. Stacey Filippo Tyran, optometrist at Wink Optical in Jenkintown. ???UV eye damage is cumulative over a lifetime,??? Dr. Filippo Tyran added, ???so it???s important to make wearing sunglasses a habit early in life. What???s more, children???s eyes are especially vulnerable because they???re still developing.???

??Prevent Sun-Related Health Problems

Our eyes are sensitive. Prolonged exposure to sun can lead to a variety of ailments. Some are simply painful or irritating, others can be deadly serious. Remembering to wear a pair of high quality sunglasses can help to keep you safe from the sun???s damaging rays.

Let’s start by defining what we mean by high-quality??sunglasses. Start by looking for sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection. This provides full protection against the sun???s ultraviolet rays. Polarized sunglasses can reduce glare, which is nice if you???re spending a lot of time on the water. Also look for sunglasses that fully cover your eyes.

Wrap-around lenses are even better because they block out light and glare from the side, as well as the front. Besides, big sunnies are all the rage.

Now let???s look at diseases and health complications that sunglasses can help protect against.

Skin Cancer

The skin around your eyes, including your eyelids is very sensitive to sunlight. And nearly 10% of skin cancers are found near the eyes. Wearing UV-protective wraparound sunglasses with large lenses can not only protect your eyes, but they???ll protect your skin, too.

Cataracts & Glaucoma

Cataracts are cloudy areas on the eye???s lens. According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, prolonged and long term exposure to the sun???s UV rays contribute to cataracts. UV exposure may also worsen the symptoms of Glaucoma, another serious eye condition that can result in blindness. Sunglasses with complete UV protection can help reduce your risk of cataracts or complications from glaucoma.

Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is a condition where part of the retina, called the macula, deteriorates, causing impaired vision and in many cases, eventual blindness. Certain types of UV radiation can speed up this process, so wearing sunglasses may help protect you.


Also known as surfer???s eye, pterygium is a growth on the eyeball itself. It???s usually not serious, but it can be painful and annoying. Eye drops, steroids and surgery (in advanced cases) are the most common treatments. ??But the best treatment, of course, is prevention. Doctors recommend wraparound sunglasses with UV protection, especially on cloudy days when the sun isn???t visible but its UV rays can still damage the eyes.

Protection From the Elements

The sun isn???t the only thing that can damage your eyes. Spending time outdoors, puts you at additional risk of damage from sand, dust, wind and even snow.


You might be surprised to know that spending time in the snow can be very damaging to your eyes. Snow reflects 80% of UV rays from the sun and can cause a condition known as snow blindness, where glare from the sun actually burns the cornea.??If you???re skiing, climbing snowy mountains or spending time in the snow (at any time of year), wear sunglasses. Make sure they cover and protect the bottom of your eyes, because of the reflective nature of the snow.


Getting sand in your eyes can be very painful and dangerous. Tiny grains of sand can actually scratch your eye and can cause permanent damage. Sunglasses that fully cover your eyes are a great way to keep sand out.

Wind & Dust

Spending a lot of time in windy, dusty areas can irritate and damage your eyes. Again, the best way to protect yourself is by wearing sunglasses that keep your eyes safe from the elements.

Promote Healing & Recovery??

If you???ve hadsurgery to correct your vision, you should be extra sure to wear sunglasses. Your doctor may recommend a pair for you to wear immediately after the procedure, but continuing to wear sunglasses can protect your eyes as they heal and as you adjust to your new vision. ??If you???ve had cataract surgery, eyelid repair, or another procedure to correct your vision, you???ll also benefit from wearing protective sunglasses. Ask your Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs optometrist for their opinion and recommendations.

See More & Enjoy Nature??

As important as protecting your health is, there are more good reasons to wear sunglasses more often. If you???re spending time outdoors, you???ll really benefit from wearing your sunglasses. With polarized sunglasses they’re sharper, there???s less glare, and the colors and contrast are improved.??If you enjoy fishing or spending time on the water, with polarized sunglasses you???ll be able to see through the glare on top of the water and notice fish and aquatic life that you never even knew were there!

Fewer Headaches & You’ll be More Comfortable

Bright sunlight can be a trigger for migraines and bad headaches. Wearing sunglasses can help reduce both the frequency and intensity of these painful occurrences. And even if you???re not a headache or migraine sufferer, wearing sunglasses when out in the sun can help reduce eyestrain and fatigue, meaning that you???ll just be more comfortable and enjoy your time outdoors even more.

Safe Driving & Recovery

Do sunglasses help when driving in the rain? This is a hotly debated issue, but the consensus seems to be that in light rain, during the day, the right sunglasses can improve your vision and help you to drive safer. And of course when driving into bright sunlight, sunglasses can definitely help you see better and drive more comfortably. Just make sure you don???t wear sunglasses when driving at night??? that???s not recommended and it???s not safe.

Finally. The Cool Factor

Now the fun reason. Sunglasses today have been rated the number one fashion accessory!?? Aviators, mirrored lenses, retro round, double wire, geeky and big bigger biggest have been sported by celebrities and featured on runways. ??You can even have different sunglasses for different activities, or to coordinate with different outfits. Express yourself.




Round wire frames straight from the flower-power 70’s were featured at the Spring fashion shows and are a favorite of ??models.


One of our favorite things to recommend is matching sunglasses to a protective sun hat. Your extra protected from the sun???s rays and stay cool and comfortable, all while looking fashion-forward.

Whether it???s digital lenses, safety frames or progressives that you need, Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs experienced optometrists and dispensing opticians will craft a set of frames and lenses that fit you and your lifestyle. Plus, we manufacture your glasses in our very own in-house lab- betya??? didn???t know that!

No matter what look you???re going for, from classically cool to modern and fashionable, at Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs there???s a pair of sunglasses that will make you see and feel great… and look??oh so cool.

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Just In From London Fashion Week – 2017 Hottest Eyewear Trends


Trends in eyewear are linked to trends in fashion clothing. ~??Catharina R????, London Academy of Fashion and Design

2017 Fashion Report: It’s All In The Details

London February 2017 — ????Fashionistas will tell you that London Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events. With star studded line-ups, avant garde presentations and swarms of catwalk shows, everyone is sure to be lost in a world of style inspiration. It’s obvious – designers are relying more and more on eyeglasses as a key fashion accessory. This trend was huge at February ’17 London Fashion Week where accessories were??in focus – bags, jewelry, belts, shoes and especially eyewear??were not just regarded as an extra – ??they were often the highlight of designer shows.

A survey with European fashion students confirms this: 69% of the respondents regard the importance of eyewear as a fashion accessory on a steady increase. This year at Fashion Week the British Fashion Council announced a shake-up in events, bridging the gap between high street and high-end. Burberry introduced a ???buy it now??? feature to their shows and over 150 pop up shops were added.

To help you stay ahead of the fashion curve this year, Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs has your eyes covered with the key takeaways from Fashion Week – and shows how you can incorporate these looks in your eyewear.??Ready to visit ??London? ??Let’s go!


Large & In Charge


A hit with bloggers, designers and consumers, the oversized look is here to stay. London street looks showed an??oversized pair of specs is an easy way to embrace this trend.



She Comes In Colors



While adding color to your glasses is a must-??have for ’17, it???s all about keeping things subtle. The colour palette during Fashion Week was relevantly minimal, and most designers stuck to ambers, cool blues, marbled greys.

Double Wires


Double wire rims ??have a good spot on the2017 eyewear trend list, as they continue to stand out among the rest on runways all year-long. Tinted ??lenses with funky wire rims are fun to discover, while mirrored lenses ??seem to be a top trend and look great mixed with this particular look.


Colorful Lenses


Glasses with colorful lenses made a??splash at London shows ??bringing in bold color pops of fushia and blue. Yellow lenses seem to be a top trend and a sunny look for spring and summer.


Embellished Rims??

If you want to play up the new year trends and are rather adventurous, bold embellished rims are probably your best bet. It doesn’t have to be too much though – even just a touch of floral additions to oversized and rounded lenses gives a fashion-forward look.

Aviators – Still Flying High

Aviators have been a statement on the runways for quite some time, and show no signs of disappearing – something we’re thankful for.??There’s just something entirely enticing about a good pair of aviator glasses, and designers at the ’17 shows weren’t shy in updating some rather coveted looks in large dark mirrored and vibrant blue looks.


Hot & Cool Eyewear Trends for Men

For 2017, designers reinvent classic men styles and give men the power to level up style and attitude with everything from round frames to classic aviators.??Professional, stylish, geeky, vintage or funky are all updated with a modern twist.


The hipster style made a strong statement during ??Fashion Week. With simple lines, these frames were shown with thick rims, square large shape and given a ’17 look with edgy colors and patterns.


Thick-framed geek glasses with metallic accents and unusual colors were featured on the runway with personal??interpretations??seen on??the streets of London.

New Vintage

New vintage eyewear for 2017 transforms this look ??with edgey classic appeal. Shown were exaggerated, oversized frames, thick rims and double bridges, ??and wayfarers and aviators ??that shout retro. Inspired by the glorious 50???s and 60???s, vintage glasses include the browline trend. Think Buddy Holly revisited!

Timeless Classic

With timeless shapes and colors, ??we easily associate these glasses with a classic look that never goes out of style. This year’s options include minimalistic design elements, and the color code is ??ranging between black, brown and gray. Shown suited??for professional environments or??paired ??with a night look, traditional colors with rectangle, round or oval frames are the go-to choices. ??They add gravity to a look so they???re perfect for business. Speaking about rigor, classic tortoise patterns are also trending.

One of the advantages of a new fashion season is the opportunity to go for a style change. Change your look and express your personality with stylish glasses that reflect who you really are.

Hundreds of the lastest frames from top designers are arriving daily. Visit Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs for expert service, ??top optometrists, and the best prices.

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Be Cool Wear Sunglasses in Winter and Protect Your Eyes


??When the days are cloudy and cold, sunglasses are probably the last thing on your mind. But winter eye protection can prevent painful temporary conditions and permanent eye damage.

Protect Those Peepers

Did you know your eyes can get sunburned in the winter? Snow and ice reflect 80 percent of the sun???s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Whether you???re skiing, snowboarding or working outdoors, UV rays strike from every angle, even on cloudy days.UV exposure can cause a painful condition called photokeratitis, or ???snow blindness.??? Reporter Anderson Cooper recently experienced temporary vision loss from this condition. He was on the water, but strong glare from any source can cause symptoms.

Slow-Down and Prevent Age-Related Eye Conditions

Protecting your eyes in winter can prevent or slow down eye conditions such as:

  • Cataracts
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Cancer and other growths
  • Wrinkles around the eyes

Can cold temperatures affect my eyes?

Yes. Exposure to cold can cause eye pain, blurred vision and other vision problems. The cornea (front of the eye) can freeze if your eyes are not protected from extreme cold.


Eye safety for winter sports

Learn what researchers know about eye protection for skiers and snowboarders.

Sunglasses ??? trendy designer sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, polycarbonate sunglasses designed for winter sports or other sunglasses that block 100 percent of UV rays ??? protect your eyes from glare. Wraparound sunglass styles provide the best eye protection. Ski goggles protect against glare, cold and wind, and you can get prescription ski goggles.

If you run, fish or do other outdoor activities in winter, you need protective eyewear. Many outdoor surfaces like concrete and water can reflect enough UV light to cause eye damage.

When is winter eye safety most important?

The risk of eye damage is highest in late winter and early spring, when days are getting longer. UV rays are strongest between 10 am and 3 pm, further south and at higher altitudes. Popular health site WebMD explains.

In the Pacific Northwest, you might not need sunglasses on most winter days. But our weather changes rapidly, so keep sunglasses handy. If you wear prescription sunglasses, consider a pair for the car or boat.

Do kids need winter eye protection?

UV rays can damage young eyes more easily than adult eyes, and UV exposure builds up over a lifetime. Especially for playing in the
snow, make sure your kids??? sunglasses block 100 percent of UV rays.

For kids and teens, sunglasses that look cool and fit well can make the difference between wearing eye protection and risking damage.

Sunglasses for winter eye safety – we’ve got your eyes covered!

Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs and Wink Optical offer sunglasses??for every budget, including Oakley, Maui Jim and Ray-Ban. We also offer prescription lenses for sports goggles.

Questions about winter eye safety? Contact us,??and keep your eyes safe this winter!

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