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Contact Lenses

Comfortable Vision with Contact Lenses

Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs offers patients a variety of contact lens brands, including Acuvue, CIBA, and Bausch & Lomb brand contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Patient

Our optometrists are trained to fit specialty contact lenses, including rigid, gas permeable lenses, toric lenses for astigmatism, multifocial lenses for presbyopia, and hybrid lenses for irregular corneas and keratoconus.

Contact Lens Basics

Soft contact lenses are most frequently prescribed, however patients with irregular corneas may require gas permeable or hybrid lenses. Soft contact lenses are classified by wearing schedule or replacement interval.

Daily wear

Can be worn up to 18 hours; removed and cleaned nightly for either 7, 14, or 30 days, depending on the lens.

Extended wear

Can be worn ovenight and consecutively for either 7 or 30 nights, depending on the lens.

Daily disposable

Also known as single-use lenses, these are worn for 18 hours, removed, and thrown away.

Our Optometrists will help you determine which type of contact lens suits your needs. Make an appointment today to discuss your options!

Contact Lens Exams and Fittings

Innovation in the optical lens industry has brought about a new, revolutionary technology that incorporates high-definition optics into your lenses. Digital lenses, also known as HD or free form lenses, allow you to actually see your HD TV in it’s truest form!

How can you benefit from upgrading to digital lenses?

  • Comprehensive ExamAll contact lens prescriptions start with a comprehensive exam. If you’ve gotten an eyeglasses prescription from Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs within the last 12 months, you automatically move onto the next step. If you don’t have a valid eyeglass prescription from one of our Optometrists, a comprehensive exam will have to be performed.
  • Contact Lens FitThrough a series of tests, the eye doctor needs to determine the appropriate contact lens curvature, thickness, and diameter for your eyes.
  • Insertion and Removal TrainingFor new contact lens wearers, an Optician will train you on inserting and removing your trial contact lenses. Make sure your nails are trimmed and you aren’t wearing any eye makeup.
  • Trial Contact LensesAfter the doctor has determined a preliminary contact lens prescription, you will either leave the office with a set of contact lens trials, or we will order a set for you to pick up within seven days. Contact lens prescriptions can involve some trial-and-error; it’s all about what feels most comfortable for you!
  • Follow Up AppointmentAfter you wear your contact lens trials for seven days, you will need to make an follow up appointment with the Optometrist to evaluate the prelimary prescription. Remember, you will not have a valid contact lens prescription if you do not schedule a follow up appointment.
  • Final PrescriptionOnce the Optometrist approves your prescription at the follow up appointment, you have a final, valid contact lens prescription and are free to order boxes of your lenses. We offer significant annual supply and free shipping discounts.
Contact Lenses
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