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Eyeglass Frames

Frames from Designer to Budget

Not all brands available at all stores

It’s no secret- we’ve been in business for a long time and we know what frame lines offer the highest quality for the best prices. Whether you are looking for plastic, metal, titanium, or completely rimless glasses, we have exactly what you need.

Please note that not all frame lines are available at every location. If you are looking for a specific brand or frame style, be sure to call the store ahead of time to find out if that location carries that particular line.

Womnen Eyeglasses Frame

Every pair of eyes is different, and every person who walks in the door needs something unique. With over 1,000 frames to choose from at each store location, you are sure you find the perfect frame for your prescription, lifestyle, and personal preference.

Frame Measurements
There are several measurements on an eyeglass frame- and each one is important! These measurements can affect your comfort level, prescription, and lens thickness (or thinness!). Our highly-trained opticians can explain what measurements are necessary for your needs.

Frame Measurements

Face Shape
Typically, the shape of your face should contrast with the shape of your frame, although personal preference and comfort are always more important. Not sure which shape you are? Take a photo of yourself straight on, and analyze the length, width, and proportions of your face.

Your facial shape is as tall as it is wide, with a strong jawline and angular features

Style: Narrow ovals and round frames that soften features. A wide-set frame or a defined top can slim the face.

Frame Lines: OGI, Anglo American, Norma Kamali, Bellagio

Square Face Shape

Your forehead is wider than your jawline, and your chin tapers to a point.

Style: Give the illusion of a wider face with bottom-heavy frames and low temples. Round styles can balance the point of your chin. Try experimenting with lighter colors and materials.

Frame Lines: Silhouette, Kensie, Mandalay, Flexon, Legre

Heart Face Shape

Your face narrows at the eye line with angular cheekbones and a small forehead.

Style: Bring out your cheekbones with oval and rimless frames. Try soft metals and light plastics.

Frame Lines: Flexure, Cadillac, Liz Claiborne, Silhouette, Juicy Couture

Diamond Face Shape

Your face is longer than it is wide, with symmetry on both sides.

Style: Both round and square shapes will work; however, look for frames that are are wide with thicker temples to balance the length of your face. Experiment with geometric or cat-eye frames.

Frame Lines: Bellagio, Gucci, Geek Eyewear, Stacy Adams

Oblong Face Shape

Your face is very balanced- your cheekbones are higher than the middle of your face and your chin is narrower than your forehead.

Style: Oval faces can pull off a variety of frame styles, including geometric shapes, squares, and softly rounded frames. Avoid shapes that are significantly rounded.

Frame Lines: Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Timex, Geek, Banana Republic

Oval Face Shape

Your cheeks are full and your jawline is rounded. Your face is as wide as it is long.

Style: Sharpen your features with geometric and squared frames. Round faces pull off the cat eye look easily! Look for frames with temples at the top of the frame to add length.

Frame Lines: BCBG, Kate Spade, Kensie, Jhane Barnes, Kashiyama

Round Face Shape
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